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Author : Evgeniy Trofimov
Category : Utilities
Last Update : 3 October 2012
Rent Price : 10 USD
Version : 2.30

The indicator reads all deals from the history and displays them on the chart. Each deal of a position is considered separately, what allows to clearly display all actions of a trader. The application is developed on the basis of the code from the MQL4 Code Base (

### Parameters:

  • ColorBuy – buy color;
    • ColorSell – sell color;
    • ColorText – color of the information text;
    • ColorProfit – profit color;
    • ColorLoss – loss color;
    • DaysInHistory – depth of history in days.
    • CandlesInWindow – the parameter for adjusting the location of captions that display the profit of closing trades. The greater is the value of the parameter, the bigger is the distance of labels from prices.

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