Ticks RSI Download

Author : Andrej Nikitin
Category : Indicators
Last Update : 14 May 2015
Rent Price : 10 USD
Version : 1.10

The Relative Strength Index indicator drawn using a tick chart.

After launching it, wait for enough ticks to come.


  • RSI Period – period of averaging.

    • overbuying level – overbought level.
    • overselling level – oversold level.
    • calculated bar – number of bars on the chart for the indicator calculation.
      The following parameters are intended for adjusting the weight of RSI signals (from 0 to 100). You can find their description in the Signals of the Oscillator Relative Strength Index section of MQL5 Reference.
  • The oscillator has required direction.

    • Reverse behind the level of overbought/oversold level.
    • Failed swing.
    • Divergence of the oscillator and price.
    • Double divergence of the oscillator and price.
    • Head/shoulders.
      Buffer indexes: 0 – RSI_LINE, 1 – SIGNAL_UP, 2 – SIGNAL_DOWN, 3 – BID, 4 – ASK.


Image of Ticks RSI

Ticks RSI

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