REGAIN/CEO:Dan Affleck

It’s been a while. I have a lot of questions that I want to ask you, so please bear with me.
I know you have a big announcement, but can I firstly ask about how REGAIN is doing?


Sure, go ahead.

The expansion of your mining machines is going at a nice steady pace, isn’t it?


Yes, it's going very well. As originally planned, we have expanded the ASIC-HARDMiner4.1 to the mining pools who have a vendor contract with us based on the 5,000 REG sold at the first stage of our crowdsale with a mining machine industry reach share of approximately 27%. During the first stage we managed to install ASIC-HARDMiner4.1 across five countries, both large and small. We expect this to keep going smoothly into the future.

Are the token holders feeling reassured since the amount of dividends being paid out is close to what was expected?


We're actually aiming to provide more dividends. The expected dividends were what we considered the minimum that we could reliably pay out.
From now on we want to keep working together with our mining pools to improve mining efficiency and put this back into every last part of the system including the hardware arrangement and operating environment.

How is the high level of volatility in the value of BTC seen? Does it have any kind of effect on anything?


It has a huge impact on people entering the market for speculative purposes.
But as I keep saying, this is what you can expect when something new and big is on the horizon.
When it comes to the price, we don't believe that there will be a huge amount of volatility in the value of BTC in the future.
We think that the value will rise to $100,000 USD = 1BTC relatively soon.
We still see the value of BTC as gradually rising, like we have from the beginning.

Lots of different types of major corporations from around the world have been announcing their entry into the mining industry, how do you feel about that?


We see it as a very good thing that established large corporations are starting to take notice and getting involved not only with mining, but with cryptocurrencies in general.
It means that they also think that cryptocurrencies have a bright future ahead of them.

It feels as if people are finally starting to really take notice of the blockchain technology used to support cryptocurrencies as each country grapples with what regulations to put in place.


Yes, it feels like we are gradually breaking out of this preliminary phase and moving onto the next one.

What do you think this next phase specifically comprises of?


We're calling it the development phase, but we believe that because of the users who are getting involved on a purely speculative basis, that existing large corporations and financial institutions are going to be taking more and more notice of BTC and the technology that supports cryptocurrencies as a whole.
You've probably already realized this, but this development phase has already begun.

I see.
I guess the fact that countries are now starting to implement regulations means that they are starting to firmly acknowledge this technology, which is a positive.
Once the regulations are in place, then companies who have strict compliance rules will be able to join in more easily and this should push the industry even further forward.

So I guess BTC is what is really driving the cryptocurrency industry?


Yes, there's absolutely no doubt about that in everyone's minds.
However, the existence of other cryptocurrencies is vital to further developing the industry.

So what are these other cryptocurrencies? I’d quite like to know.


At present there are lots of different larger and smaller cryptocurrencies available, but for the most part, these projects are not seeing much in the way of progress.
However, there are still some with a defined purpose that are developing nicely.
If currencies that support BTC, which has become a bit of a yardstick, did not exist, then we wouldn't be able to stabilize the cryptocurrency industry.

So, you have a big announcement for us, don’t you?


We've been working under the intention of putting BTC back in the hands of users to support this dawning of BTC.
It's because of the cooperation we have received from all of our REG token holders and mining pool that everything has gone according to plan.
We believe that in the next phase it will be essential to promote the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.
That's why we have decided to release ASIC-HARDMiner SC.

ASIC-HARDMiner SC?! What kinds of currencies does it support?


First of all, "SC" is a shortening of the word "Scrypt."
Scrypt, the algorithm supported by ASIC-HARDMiner SC, works with various cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, and can be used to mine the currency that is the most optimal right now. For more information, see our sc-paper.

Both the cryptocurrencies that use this Scrypt algorithm, and the major currency Litecoin, are currently in a state of oligopoly, just like BTC was in the past, with over half of the hash power coming from Chinese companies.
We are aiming for a sound, user-driven cryptocurrency market, because at this rate confidence could be lost in cryptocurrencies themselves.

We are aiming to make the cryptocurrency market healthier by providing the mining pool with high power mining machines in revenue shares as system vendors with our REGAIN project, much like what happened with the Bitcoin market.
This is why we will sell the capital for ASIC-HARDMiner SC expansion as RSC tokens in our Crowdsale SC.

Has it been confirmed that RSC will also be listed?


Yes, it will be listed!

So REG 1-4 and RSC will be listed as separate tokens at the same time?


When they’re listed, REG 1, 2, and 3 will go on as REGΔ (REG Delta) tokens, REG 4 will go on as REGΣ (REG Sigma) tokens, and RSC will go on as RSC tokens.
Right now we are still hashing out the final details with the other parties involved, but we are due to list everything at once around mid-December 2018.

So you've already even decided on the token names for when they become listed!
Which means that even the minimum price of REG1 and REG2 will exceed the $5,200 USD price tag that REG 3 went on sale at, right?


Yes, of course!
But that really is the minimum, we have a price larger than that in our heads.

Once REGΔ (REG1-3) is on the market, all of the mining machines that operate REGΔ will be updated to the same standard as REGΣ (REG4), and once they are seen to be working reliably, REGΣ will be integrated and, naturally, the dividends will also become identical.

I hope everyone is looking forward to our complete REG token listing!

Thank you for going into so much detail about the listing period and your announcement!
I’m happy with that and looking forward to what REGAIN brings in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Below is a Q&A based on a selection of questions we received from a multitude of users.

Across the world large companies are going into the mining business, do you foresee that dividends will remain stable?

This is actually something that we've been hoping for.
The market for the mining industry runs at a tremendous pace and new technology is being developed every day.
We are proud to say that we will not fall behind our competitors, no matter what technology they develop.
As a company we welcome the increase in mining pools, and as a system vendor who has been working with mining pools in various countries from the start, there has been no impact on us, we are just happy to see the industry develop.
At the moment we foresee expected dividends of 0.034BTC per month per REG, but there may still be fluctuations in the number of BTC attainable from mining due to the actions of our competitors and the external environment, so please understand that.
Our company is continuing to push forward with research and development into ASIC for the benefit of REG token holders and the stabilization of Bitcoin.

Will the new mining machines continue to be updated over the months and years after ASIC-HARDMiner5.1?

Our mining machines are the most advanced technology in the world, and the constant upgrading of these mining machines to the latest versions so that they may be used semi-permanently forms our backbone, so please don’t worry about that.

Why did you sell REG tokens over four stages of crowdsales?

As we have a relationship with mining pools in many different countries as a system vendor, this was done to fit with how tokens could be accepted based on our contract with each of them. We see it as our mission to make the Bitcoin market healthy again, and if our mining machines happened to become concentrated in one company, we would start to see vested interests, and the whole thing would become pointless. We want to provide tokens to as many mining pools as possible, which is the reason that we set up the REGAIN project in the first place.

Once the upper limit for Bitcoins coming into existence is exceeded, will dividends stop?

As the compensation for mining is not only based on the production of new Bitcoin, but also on the handling fees generated when Bitcoin is remitted, there is no way that the compensation provided for mining will become zero.
As long as Bitcoin exists, mining shall continue.
Our company of course believes that Bitcoin will continue to exist and drive cryptocurrency forward at the heart of the industry.

This is a question about REG tokens, but will dividends only be allocated for those tokens bought in the ICO? Or will dividends be allocated on all tokens including those bought and held after listing?

As the dividends for Project REGAIN will be paid for based on held REG tokens (including RSC) there’s no need to worry about that. Even tokens bought on an exchange after listing will accrue Bitcoin dividends every month in your wallet.

What will happen in the worst case scenario that the project does not acquire the capital that it expects to?

Our company has a relationship with mining pools all over the world as a system vendor and already provides and operates many mining machines. The 10,000 REG (1REG = $4,400 USD) sold at the second stage of the crowdsale is the maximum sales amount, not the target procurement amount. Therefore, even if we do not reach the maximum sale amount, the REG token sales capital will still be used in the expansion of ASIC-HARDMiner4.1, which will be provided to and operated by each mining pool.
So, even if we do not pass the Project REGAIN maximum sales amount, dividends will still be paid regardless to those who already possess REG tokens.

How is development going on your own wallet?

We are looking to start on the REGAIN wallet once all of the crowdsales have finished.
We are taking the security of previous cryptocurrency wallets into maximum consideration and aiming to create a wallet that users can use safely and reliably. Until then we will continue to send REG tokens and monthly allocated Bitcoin dividends to the wallets currently in use on My Page.

From the first sale of REG tokens and through the second and third, the purchase price has risen and the dividend amount has gotten lower.
I understand the reasons for that. However, for the fourth sale, the price is the same as the first and the amount of dividends has also increased.
What does this mean?
Does this mean that if I buy tokens on the fourth sale, that I can buy them under better conditions and get better dividends?
Does this mean it's better to buy them in the fourth sale rather than the second?

From the crowdsale stages one to three we will sell ASIC-HARDMiner4.1 (16.6TH/s) and from stage four, we are due to sell ASIC-HARDMiner5.1 (18-20TH/s).
We expect that buying during the fourth stage of the crowdsale rather than the second will result in a better performing mining machine and more dividends.
However, during the fourth stage of the crowdsale there will be a priority purchase period put in place and people who have purchased during stages one to three will be issued with priority purchasing in stage four.
Therefore there will be a chance that users who do not have priority purchasing will be unable to buy anything in stage four.

Right now the value of Bitcoin is falling very quickly, but there was a time when 1BTC = $20,000 USD. What happens when BTC has a high value and times like now when it is lower in value? I feel like I could buy more tokens when the value is low, but when do you think is best to buy REG, when the value in BTC is lower or higher?

The price of 1 REG during the second stage of the crowdsale is worth $4,400 USD, and while the BTC rate at the time of purchase will make the remitted BTC amount fluctuate, the BTC rate does not have any effect on the purchase price.
For example, if $4,840 USD is remitted when the transaction is processed, the number of REG tokens that you will possess will be 1.1 REG and you will still receive dividends based on the amount of REG you have every month. Please do not worry about this.
Dividends paid by our company are only paid in BTC, so the value of each country's fiat currency has no impact at all.

Will the regulations that each country has in regards to cryptocurrency affect Project REGAIN?

As the Project REGAIN crowdsales are being carried out based on the regulations established in each country and under the guidance of each concerned party, there are presently no issues.
We will continue to flexibly respond to the regulations put in place by each country into the future.

Is there any information about when the REG tokens will be listed on the exchange?

We have decided that the tokens will be listed in mid-December 2018.
We are making preparations with each concerned party right now to get listed.
We will announce where the tokens will be listed as we confirm more details.