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Author : Adrianus Gelens
Category : Experts
Last Update : 16 February 2015
Rent Price : 499 USD
Version : 1.3

Rogue wave FX is designed to trade large market movements and is suitable for trading newsevents. Typical trade duration is very short: between 5 and 30 seconds. Rogue Wave is fully tick based and does not rely on any specific timeframe. Rogue wave FX enters the market in the direction of a short sharp movement but has the possibility to enter the market in the opposite direction of the movement (reverse). The position is traced by a dynamic, time and price based stoploss supported by a standard price-based trailing stop for safety. In standard settings, any position that moves into profit is increased while securing the profit on the initial position.


Rogue Wave FX works on regular variable-spread brokers and generally works best on currency pairs with a low spread (e.g. EURUSD, JPYUSD). Upon purchase you will receive a manual with settings for trading on a live account. You are advised to run Rogue Wave on a demo account first, to determine which settings are best for your broker and risk-appetite. The tick-feed differs from broker to broker, as each broker uses different software services and liquidity providers. Rogue Wave contains several variables to optimize trading for your specific broker and risk-appetite. These range from time- and price interval to setting confirmation and volatility restrictions.


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Rogue Wave FX

Rogue Wave FX

Rogue Wave FX

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