Executive EA Download

Author : Michael Vilner
Category : Experts
Last Update : 12 August 2014
Rent Price : 999 USD
Version : 1.10

This trend EA works in AUDCAD, CADCHF, EURUSD and USDCHF. Time frame is M30. Unlike other EA:

  1. This EA is real, tested, proven system; it’s not a scalping tester graal.

    1. Works with any MetaTrader 5 broker.
    2. Low drawdown.
    3. Not sensitive to market noses, spikes, surges, slippage and execution speed.
    4. Has a few simple parameters which make it easy to use for beginners and well experienced traders.
    5. Very stable, because it has a few parameters with very narrow range optimization takes up to 1 hour without using clouds and up to 2 min using clouds.
    6. For maximum performance each pair has its own settings.
    7. Very active for trend system, makes 20-25 trades per month.
    8. In case of losing power, Internet connection or computer crash nothing dramatical will happen and user will have enough time to fix problem.

    I wouldn’t recommend using the same settings for more than 3 month and recommend checking settings every week or every other week for period of previous 3 months. Every Monday I will publish current settings regardless they are unchanged or adjusted.

    The optimal Risk Lot is 8-10%. If you would like to use different Risk Lot please contact me for settings adjustment.

    The best period of time for back testing and optimization is last 3 months. If your back test for last 3 months shows for each pair profit less than 80% and drawdown more than 10% you are doing something wrong, please contact me.

    Live monitoring is available at https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/49514

    Ask me questions in English or Russian.

    Take advantage of introductory price.


Image of Executive EA

Executive EA

Executive EA

Executive EA

Executive EA

Executive EA

Download source code of Executive EA for only 97 usd

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