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Author : Konstantin Chernov
Category : Utilities
Last Update : 4 March 2013
Rent Price : 10 USD
Version : 1.1

Collector of ticks.

The Expert Advisor saves the history of ticks (date, time, Bid price, Ask price and spread) for specified symbols in a CSV file.

The file name is formed on the basis of the symbol name and the current month/month and week/month, week and day (“Symbol_Year_Month.csv”, “Symbol_Year_Month_week.csv”, “Symbol_Year_Month_week_day.csv”). Example: EURUSD_2013_01.csv

The files are saved in the directory [terminal data folder]\MQL5\Files\TicsData\Server\Symbol.

To view files, use MS Excel 2007 or higher to avoid the limitation on the number of rows.

File format: “Date”, “Time”, “Bid”, “Ask”, “Spread”.

When running the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester you will see that the ticks within a minute have the same spread. When running the Expert Advisor in the real time, all ticks will have their own spread.

Input Parameters: * Language of messages displayed (EN, RU, DE, FR, ES) – language of the output messages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish).
* File format – mode of saving the files (new file is created every new month, week or day).


Image of Collector of ticks

Collector of ticks

Collector of ticks

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